Barbara Lynn (barbi_j) wrote,
Barbara Lynn

news? news? news? let's see... hrm.

richard is still in georgia. will be for at least another week if not more.
updated my myspace layout. planning on changing my LJ layout soon.
went car shopping with my mom today. found 2 possibilities. very awesome ones too.
im wondering if we have classes tomorrow at cfcc.
i have to go open a checking account tomorrow. ugh. damn banks.
i have to be at work at 9am tomorrow. who the fuck needs pizza at 9am on a monday in the middle of a bloody fucking hurricane?
im feeling lonely and lost these days. a part of me has died.
i learned how to play chess the other day. that was fun.
i wish i could afford a pet. something cute and cuddly to love on me. it's sick that i'm willing to pay for affection isn't it?
i get to smile tomorrow night. that'll be good.
i chatted with richard's mom for nearly 2 hours last night. i think she and i are a bit closer because of it.
i've been feeling like the world is collapsing and i can't stop it or dull the pain. no matter what i do.
katie called me a few minutes ago to tell me there were tornados and her house was open if i wanted to come over. fuck that. im not driving. im safer where i am than on the road. dumbass bitch.

im going to go watch tv and drink until i can't feel anything anymore. then i'm taking a shower and scrubbing the pizza smell out of me amd the flour out of my hair and off my face.
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