Barbara Lynn (barbi_j) wrote,
Barbara Lynn

time for a serious update.

richard and i are fine. he's still in WV... will be till after thanksgiving.

yes, christian and i are kinda sorta together again. it might actually work this time believe it or not.

i started at applebees today. i call tomorrow for my schedule. im sorry but 8 bucks an hour plus tips just for sitting people at tables and maybe getting them a drink... hell yeah.

little caesar's is good too. we're getting more popular and busier. anyone who wants a job should stop by and apply. if i know you, ill put in a good word for you. im pretty sure ill be moving up to management as soon as Dez quits. i already have keys to and close the store alone anyways. *shrugs*

i think i've decided to go for the whole civil rights lawyer thing. have i picked a future? maybe. but if im serious about it, im going to be moving to LA a few years after i get my AA... because if i go to law school, ill be studying state law as well... and i want to eventually live in california... so i should probably try to get into a university there. but thats several years away, so everyone keep their pants on.

trying to maintain two jobs, college, a quasi-boyfriend, social life, and sleep is getting crazy. ive seriously got like no fucking free time.

i have no idea what is going on for thanksgiving with my family. you'd think that my mom would have mentioned plans when i spent an hour at her office talking to her today, but no. neither of my job locations or school will be open, so if my family isnt doing turkey day ON turkey day, ill be spending turkey day at home alone, eating a turkey tv dinner. yay.

i may be smiling later on tonight, and im gonna be happy as hell if i am.

and that is all.
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