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Barbara Lynn

Okay so if I wasn’t confused earlier, Jesus. Anyways I’m not going into today.
My Schedule (Through Monday) Looks Like This:
Saturday Nov. 5th
- 10am – Call Robert So I Can Smile
- 11:30am – Meet Michi and her mom @ The Arts Festival
- 2pm – Work @ Little Caesar’s
- 10pm – Robby, Meg, Ryan, Cory, And Robert are coming over for Family Guy & Poker
Sunday Nov. 6th
- 11am – Finish CHM2045 Lab Report
- 12pm – Put together shelves
- 4pm – Work @ Little Caesar’s
Monday Nov. 7th
- 9am – Be @ Little Caesar’s to walk around the strip mall and surrounding businesses to pass out flyers and coupons (I clock in, plus get EXTRA cash for doing it :-). )
- 1pm – Work @ Checkers
- 6pm – CHM2045 @ CFCC

So yeah. Anyways.

Okay, so it’s now picture time.

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Me In Costume :-)

My New Car!!!!!!

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I still have to put in my stereo and speakers… but the car itself is PIMP.
2002 Chevy Cavalier.
52,000 miles.
Great MPG.
Mint Condition.
Only $6,500.
I Robbed Those Poor Bastards.

Little Caesar’s

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Dez !

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Ashley !

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Skip !

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No, She’s Not Old Enough To Be Doing That.

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Makin’ Da Pizza !


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P.S. – Richard & I Have Awards :-)
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