Barbara Lynn (barbi_j) wrote,
Barbara Lynn

My horoscope for today:
"It seems like something's holding you back in the realm of romance, but in all likelihood, it's just a matter of attitude -- which, yes, determines your altitude. Sure, it's cheesy, but rise above and move forward."

rise above and move forward? whats holding me back from dating?
who wants to date me?
i dont understand.
the only single guys around that i would even consider would be Richard, Jason, and Christian..
and last time i checked, i wasnt on their list of high priority.

i suppose fear of being alone, loosing richard, and being afraid of being hurt again is holding me back... but i mean... what exactly is it holding me back from.

no one's lining up to date me like they used to. no one has a crush on me. no one loves me.
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