Barbara Lynn (barbi_j) wrote,
Barbara Lynn

1. name? Barbara Jacobi

2. age? 19

3. gender? Female

4. location? Inverness, FL

5. hair color? Brown

6. eye color? Blue

7. long nails or short? Short

8. long hair or short? Long

9. wear shoes or flips? Sneakers

10. do you wear a belt? No

11. does your belt usually match your shoes? No

12. do you wear make-up? Sometimes

13. do you wear your hair up or down? Up

14. do you comb your hair or brush it? Brush

15. shower often? Yes

16. change your clothes more than twice a day? Pfft! No. That’s a lot of laundry.

17. do you wear underwear? 90% of the time

18. what's your favorite outfit? Jeans and a T-shirt

19. what size shirt do you wear? Medium

20. what size pants do you wear? 8-10

21. what size shoe do you wear? 10-11

22. what size underwear/bra do you wear? 38 C

23. are you happy with your weight? Happy enough

24. how tall are you? 5'6

25. do you wish you were taller/shorter? I like my height

26. what is your ethnicity? Caucasian

27. do you wish you were something else? No

28. what kind of music do you listen to? Whatever I feel like listening to

29. is there anything you don't listen to? *Shrugs*

30. what kinda movies do you like? Anything

31. what kinda movies do you NOT like? One’s like Memento. That was just stupid.

32. what song/s remind you of that certain someone? He’s going to know this is him as soon as he sees this, but “More Than Words” by Extreme

33. which song can you never get sick of? “Photograph” by Nickleback

34. which movie can you never get sick of? All of the stand-ups I watch repeatedly.

35. which movie/s do you wish were never made? *Shrugs*

36. which song/s can you not stand? “Whiskey Lullaby”… I don’t remember who it’s by, but it reminds me of a certain person who makes me feel cold and alone.

37. do you like books? Yes

38. do you read often? When I get the urge

39. what's your favorite book & why is it your favorite? Stardust by Neil Gaiman…. Read it and it’ll be your favorite too.

40.which book would you recommend to anyone? See above

41. what's your favorite number? 4

42. what's your favorite letter? I don’t know

43. what's your favorite color? Hot pink and black

44. what's your favorite type of bird? *Shrugs*

43. what's your favorite type of dog? Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds

44. what's your favorite animal? *Shrugs*

45. what's your favorite plant? HeeHee ^.^

46. what's your favorite tree? A Christmas Tree

47. what's your dream vehicle? Whatever is good on gas and is sexxxy

48. what's your mom's name? Kim

49. what's your dad's name? John

50. what's your sister's name? Jordan

51. what's your brother's name? I don’t have one.

51. what's your dog's name? Don’t have one.

52. what's your cat's name? Don’t have one.

53. what's your bird's name? Don’t have one.

54. what's your fish's name? Don’t have one.

55. got any other pets i should i know about? Don’t have one.

56. are you an aunt or uncle? I better not be. My only sibling is 10 years old.

57. if so, how many nieces or nephews do you have?

58. do you have a favorite relative? My grandfather

59. do you wish you were an only child? Not anymore.

60. if not, do you wish you had more or less siblings? God no more please!

61. do you get along with your family members? Ehh.. It’s getting more civil.

62. are you the youngest? No

63. are you the oldest? Yes

64. are you the middle or the ignored one? Not the middle, but I am ignored when it comes to family events.

65. which sibling [if any] do you get along with best? Umm.. Jordan?

66. do you hate any of your siblings? No

67. have you ever drank? Yes

68. have you ever smoked? Yes

69. have you ever done more than a gateway drug? No

70. have you ever tried to kill yourself? Back In The Day

71. if so, why didn't you go through with it? I was afraid of hurting my family and friends.

72. have you ever wished you were never born? A couple times

73. do you cry a lot? More so lately

74. do you like being alone? Once in a blue moon

75. do you like being around friends? Yes

76. who is your best friend? I’ve got too many

77. who is your worst enemy? I’ve got too many of those too

78. who is the easiest to talk to? Mallory, Michi, and Robby

79. who is the hardest to talk to? My Family

80. who do you tell all your secrets to? My diary

81. who can you trust more than anyone? Mallory

82. who is always there for you? See #78 + Richard

83. who do you wish was there for you? I wish Ashley, Brandon and I had stayed closer.

84. who is your tallest friend? I don’t know.

85. who is your shortest friend? lol Michele Nagri, even though I never see her anymore.

86. who is the best-looking? Richard, Kristy, Jason, Charles, Brandon, Asha, and ek<3

87. who is two french fries short of a happy meal? I love them to death, but my answers here have to be John and Boydstun. They’re too goofy sometimes.

88. who is the brightest crayon? Depends on what we’re talking about. Overall intelligence, Charles is by far the smartest in my opinion.

89. who do you think is the cutest couple? Well Kristy and Jason were, but now?.... Umm… Robby and Meg…

90. who do you think is going to get married? Well Mallory’s already married, and my buddies Cory and Justin are both marrying the woman of their dreams shortly….

91. who do you know that's pregnant? That Christina chick that hates me is,….

92. do you have a crush? Let’s not go there.

93. what's his/her name? *See above.

94. who do you think has a crush on you? I don’t think anyone does. I don’t see why people find me attractive.

95. do you even like the word crush? No. I don’t.

96. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No

97. do you wish you did? Heh.

98. if so, what's his/her name? Richard

99. how did you meet? Well I met Richard online through Myspace

100. how long have you been together? We were together for 2 months, but we’re separated now. But there’s possible chances for the future.

101. how much longer do you think it will last? ...

102. do you believe in love at first sight? I do now.

103. do you believe in love? Yes

104. do you believe in lust? Hell Yes

105. do you believe in GOD? I believe in some kind of superior being, yes.

106. do you believe in satan? *shrugs*

107. do you believe in heaven? Watch the movie “What Dreams May Come” starring Robin Williams and you’ll understand how I see heaven and hell.

108. do you believe in hell? Watch the movie “What Dreams May Come” starring Robin Williams and you’ll understand how I see heaven and hell.

109. do you believe in angels? Ehh.

110. do you believe in ghosts? Kinda

111. do you believe there is life after death? Yes

112. if you're a guy, do you belive in asking for directions?

113. can you ever admit when you're wrong? If I am wrong, I will admit it.

114. do you prefer long-term relationships or one-night stands? Long-Term

115. are you a virgin? LMAO NO!

116. if not, when did you lose your virginity? 16

117. do you wish you hadn't? I don’t regret loosing it, if that’s what you’re asking.

118. do you want to wait til you're married? No

119. are you waiting for that "special someone? No

120. do you believe in soul-mates? Yes

121. do you think you've found him/her? I thought I did.

122. do you think you can spend your whole life with just one person? It’s nice to dream that is possible.

123. have you ever cheated? No, but I’ve been the girl a guy has cheated with.

124. have you ever been cheated on? Yes

125. did you feel like crap after you cheated? Never cheated.

126. did he/she take you back?

127. did you cheat on them again?

128. if you were cheated on, did you take them back? Yeah

129. did they cheat on you again? YES

130. are you sick of answering these questions yet? Not really. I’ve got nothing better to do.. How pathetic is that? lol

130. if you were stuck in an elevator with your perfect mate, what would the two of you be doing? Hell if I know.

132. if you could eat a gallon of something what would it be? I don’t want to eat a gallon of something in one sitting. I’d get sick and barf up my intestines.

133. what do you think you know the most about? My feelings.

134. how long does it take you to get ready for something? For something like work or school, 10 minutes tops…. But a date or something special, about 30.

135. do you have a job? Yes

136. how long have you worked there? A week

137. ready to quit yet? No, I kinda like it.

138. do you like your boss? Yeah

139. do you get along with your co-workers? Yeah

140. do you ever try to hit on them? Considering they’re all girls except for one manager, no I don’t.

141. ever drank alcohol on the job? No

142. ever got caught sleeping? No. I’ve never slept at work.

143. do you think you'll be doing what you're doing 10 years from now? I hope not.

144. what do you wish you were doing? Legal work, trying to legalize marijuana and give American citizens back their rights that the government is trying to control.

145. am i keeping you from something? Just television and studying for Chemistry.

146. where is the remote control to the tv usually at? On our coffee table

147. do you listen to music while you sleep? Music or I watch tv/movies till I fall asleep

148. what did you have for lunch today? Pizza

149. does your mom still make your dinner for you? No. She hasn’t made me dinner in almost a year now.

150. do you still live with your parents? No

151. if not, who do you live with? Richard, Chris and Jimmy

152. if you live by yourself, do you still do your laundry at your parent's house? No

153. how long have you been living on your own? 10 months now, going on 11.

154. do you wish you still lived at your parent's house? No

155. did you ever have to share a room with your siblings? No

156. did you ever have bunk-beds? No

157. did you have the top or bottom bunk?...

158. ever fall off your bed? Once

159. i'm getting tired. are you? No

160. do you think i should end this survey? I really don’t care

161. ok, good. what are you thinking about? My first date with Richard.

162. do you usually look at people in the eyes when they're talking to you? Yeah

163. do you have a hard time sitting still? Yes

164. does your heart melt when you watch sappy movies? Occasionally

165. what was the last movie you saw in a theater? Brothers Grimm

166. Who did you go with? Richard

167. Was it any good? Yes

168. what was the last movie you rented? *Shrugs*

169. do you ever go to movies by yourself? No

170. what kind of pictures do you have on your walls? Pictures of friends

171. what's your favorite kind of cup to drink out of? Glass

172. do you have a favorite fork/spoon? No

173. do you sleep with a certain kind of blanket? No

174. are you watching tv? No

175. if so, what are you watching?

176. what time is it? 10:14pm

177. if your house was burning down, what would be the first thing you'd try to save? Myself

178. if there was a catastrophe, who would be the first person you'd call to make sure they were ok? My family, Richard, and his family, and Barbara Hinkle

179. would you drive to your friends house in the middle of the night if they were really upset? Yes

180. would you listen to them talk about their problems, even if they had told you them countless times before? Yes

181. how often do you use the bathroom? A couple times a day.

182. if you were in a car with elvis pressley & could ask him anything, what would you ask him? “Was it all worth it in the end?”

183. if you could be anyone in this world, who would you want to be & why? I like being me… granted it sucks ass sometimes, but everyone has their ups and downs no matter who they are.

184. do you have a hero? No

185. if so, who is he/she?

186. are you ganksta? LMAO NO

187. have you ever been robbed? My CDs were stolen out of my car at school

188. if so, what did they take? *See Above

189. have you ever spent more than 11 hours on the phone? No

190. who were you on the phone with?

191. was it long-distance?

192. did you get in trouble for the enormous phone bill?

193. was it worth it?

194. ever had a phone bill/credit card that you didn't pay? I had a medical bill I didn’t pay for like 9 months… but I finally paid it. :-)

195. ever gone camping for "real"? Yes

196. which swear word do you say the most? Fuck

197. are you as random as i am? I love the smell of pickles inside an ice cream cone stuck up you mother’s ass. What do you think?

198. what time is it? 10:24pm

199. guess what? What?!?!?!

200. i'm done with this survey, are you jumping up and down now? Not really.
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